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IONA'S CREATIVITY PAGE with Dr. Paul Wildman and Dr. Paul Henrickson.

Iona and Dr. Paul Wildman wrote two distinctive articles on the notion of the Demiurgic Field relating it to the artificer or maker, and the mysteries of the vacuum fluctuation.

Also one this site find PROFILING: Creativity in the Different Psychological Types & Temperaments.
What is YOUR style of creativity? Find Out.

Also find Dr. Paul Henrickson's CREAIVITY PACKET information about a new educational style and materials to accelerate and teach creative process.

  DEMIURGE Symbolically, the creator-god or Demiurge ranks just under the ineffable God as the maker of our local Universe. Sometimes called Jahweh, this Saturnian overlord is sometimes jealous and vengeful. But in modern terms we examine this formative field under its new name as the basis of our physical reality - the zero-point field.

Iona Miller, 2005
  Art by Dr. Paul Hendrickson Paul in Guam; circa ??? Dr. Paul currently resides in Malta where he sings light opera and continues his role as art critic.

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  APPLE CORE By Iona Miller, 7/2005
Eden's snake as a DNA serpent of humanity's legacy.

Apple Core, 2005

(c)2005 Iona Miller